RV Storage near Leavenworth, KS

For RV owners, finding secure storage can be a challenge. Fortunately, self storage facilities are a great option. Extra Space Storage provides convenient, safe, and reasonably-priced storage solutions for large recreational vehicles. Use the information below to learn more about storage options for your RV.
Someone in need of camper storage near Leavenworth, KS
In general, recreational vehicles can measure anywhere between eight and 40 feet in length, eight to 15 feet in height, and seven to ten feet in width. Unfortunately, this often means storing an RV at home is out of the question. Your RV may be too tall to keep in a garage or too wide/long to keep in your driveway. Even if your RV does fit in your garage or driveway, it can get in the way of vehicles you use more frequently. Renting self storage can help you get more space in a garage or driveway.

It is important to find a convenient self-storage facility near home and your favorite outdoor recreation spots.

How much does RV storage cost?

A lot of factors can influence your RV storage cost. The price at a facility for RV storage depends largely on location and amenities. We offer open storage, which is the most affordable option. RV storage prices also vary depending on local supply and demand which can fluctuate depending on the time of year.

Use Storage for Easier Travel

If you only use your RV for road trips or weekend getaways, it might be worthwhile to find a convenient self-storage facility near your favorite outdoor recreation spots.  If those recreation areas are far away, finding an affordable storage option close to home frees up valuable space in the driveway.


Recreational vehicles come in a broad range of sizes, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the self storage options for a class A motorhome will be different from those for a class B or a pop-up camper. We offer storage spots to accommodate your needs, ranging from 20’ to 50’ in length.


You can be assured of affordable and secure storage with easy 24 hour access for your RV, boat, trailer, or car at Lone Oak Storage.