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Boat and Trailer Storage Facility in Easton, KS

When you are looking to keep your jet skis or boats safe in one place, we offer multiple, spacious commercial storage units for different needs. Just seek our assistance and we’ll show you multiple options to choose from for a more convenient storage solution. 

Security of your items is of utmost importance for us. We offer 24 hour storage, so you can have access to your boat whenever you need it. We have all the resources and expertise to handle all of your short to long-term storage needs in one convenient place and we offer these for an affordable price. 

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Contact us today at Lone Oak Boat storage to learn more and book your spot. You can count on us for a top-quality service! Call us at 913-620-8969

How much does Boat storage cost?

Our secure storage facility comes with units in all sizes with all kinds of security and access measures so that we can provide the most convenient storage options for every budget.


We know that boating isn’t just about enjoying the lake while in your personal watercraft. Owning one also requires a great deal of responsibility.

After every water adventure, the question of where and how to store your boat can be a source of great inconvenience. Don’t let this spoil the fun when there is an easy and accessible solution provided by Loan Oak Boat Storage service.

Find The Right Boat Storage Solution For You

If you are tired of dealing with the hassle of finding a boat storage facility, we have the answer!

We have space for every boat or trailer you need to store in a safe and accessible location


We will be happy to store your RV, boat, car, or trailer at Lone Oak Storage.